Best Dental in Kalutara

New Kaltura Clinic Dental is one of the best dental in Kalutara. Dental Implants Surgery – the most precious gift to humankind from modern dentistry; natural-like teeth look and functions! “They are really the next best thing to your natural teeth” – People of all ages have huge benefits from them! In Teeth implants, the restorative prostheses are usually the titanium fixtures that are screwed into jawbone, mainly working as an anchor, holding a tooth/a set of teeth on it. Following this, they will then hold the crown, bridge or denture a very way that your tooth root would typically grip the natural teeth. We can indeed define them being highly successful surgery with affordable dental implants in Sri Lanka


Dental Implant in Kalutara

New kalutara Clinic Dental is the most affordable dental implant clinic in kalutara .

Root Canal Treatment & Procedure

Root Canal Treatment is, in short, treatment for tooth pain that involves cleaning the tooth and removing the infection which is causing the pain. The cleaned tooth is then protected from further infection by treating them with a solution and inserting fillings. New Kalutara Clinic offers highly cost-effective, painless root canal treatment in Sri Lanka.

Teeth Whitening

We at our clinic provide chair side as well as home bleaching options for the patients interested in getting a whiter shade for their teeth. Bleaching the teeth in the clinic takes about 40mins whereas the home bleach is used by the patient by the patient on a custom made tray made to fit the teeth to be used at night. The duration of the tray to be kept in the mouth is based on the strength of the bleach used. Bleaching, however, does not keep the teeth permanently white. Those who want to have a more lasting whitening result have the option of getting veneers placed for better results.